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a. Our Portfolio

"Outbound Consulting delivers fully managed outbound sales strategies that drive real revenue for both founder-led businesses and sales teams at larger organizations. We're bringing high-touch sales execution and consulting to the heart of American business."

Jordan Bass, Partner, Next Act

"Floor 9 brings premium appointment-setting services to select industries and companies selling into the service-based SMB space. The idea of a premium appointment-setting firm isn't new, but our steadfast focus on quality, accessible pricing, and scalability has brought explosive growth to this exciting business line."

Megan Totka, Director of Client Services, Next Act

"BeBolder was Next Act's first step into the business-to-consumer side. Built to support small business owners who seek to be bolder and evolve their longstanding businesses in a hyper-competitive world. As a professional personal branding agency, we're helping executives and business leaders stand out and win."

Eric Yohay, Partner, Next Act

"The House of Holler supports the next generation of entrepreneurs. Providing top tier resume, cover letter, career coaching, and tailored job placement for motivated young professionals."

Eric Yohay, Partner, Next Act

"As the Next Act Venture arm, we seek out talented operators with the ambition to scale. We participate in both joint venutures and minority stake acquisitions. We pride ourselves on taking a hands-off approach that lets operators... operate. Joining the Next Act family means access to our highly recognized sales powerhouse for quick and manageable scale."

Eric Yohay & Jordan Bass, Partners, Next Act Ventures

b. The Next Act Team

Jordan Bass

Jordan Bass is co-founder and partner of Next Act, where he focuses on business operations and M&A. Jordan has a proven track record of building and scaling small businesses. Since 2014, Jordan has been heavily involved in the evolution of the modern sales team. To that end, he has built several integral solutions that aim to give small and medium-sized businesses equal access to the sales power that only larger enterprises had been able to enjoy. In 2014, Jordan successfully exited his first company in the advertising technology space via a sale to IAC. Jordan received his BA in Economics from NYU and currently resides in New York City.

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Eric Yohay

Eric Yohay is co-founder and partner of Next Act. Eric leads sales operations and data analytics for Next Act. Eric has a strong background in M&A, digital marketing, and all things sales. Eric has held numerous prestigious leadership roles at prominent growth companies such as IAC and AdKnowledge. Eric manages the sales operation for the Next Act family of companies, where he inspires a sales strategy that is augmented in equal parts by data and integrity. Eric received his undergraduate degree from Northeastern University and his MBA from Babson.

Megan Totka

Specializing in marketing, project management and business development, Megan Totka is the Director of Onboarding for the Next Act family of brands. Megan leads a team of strategic launch specialists who each come to the table with years of sales and marketing experience. Megan has cultivated a spirit of empathy, integrity, efficiency, and data-driven strategy. This makes each of our launch teams a pleasure to work with and highly well versed in their respective areas. With a strong desire and passion for helping businesses grow their business on and offline, Megan helped establish multiple brands, including ChamberofCommerce.com, one of the most trusted business brands on the web. Megan received her BA in Business and Marketing at the University of Central Florida and currently resides in New Smyrna Beach, FL (the shark bite capital of the world).

Tracy Dixon

Tracy Dixon is Finance & People/Culture Director at Next Act. Tracy oversees the financials and team recruitment for Next Act. Tracy has a proven track record in Finance, HR, & Project Management in both the Advertising/Marketing & Tech World. Tracy has served in leadership roles for several successful and longstanding brands. She received her BS from Judson College & MPA from Jacksonville State University. As proof of her reputation for being the bravest Next Act team member, Tracy is a well-regarded stand-up comedian in her time outside of the office.

c. Philosphy

What we believe

We believe that entrepreneurship is at the heart of all progress. Our role is to support those that show the most promise and conviction in their pursuits.

Our model

Each one of our portfolio companies aims to elevate the small business owner and aspiring entrepreneur. Today, more than ever, small business owners are able to achieve more with less. With access to affordable tools, expertise, and reach, any entrepreneur can compete on the global stage. That said, competition from large enterprises is unprecedented. We strive to solve that paradox. Each of our businesses empowers small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to seize their moment and realize their ultimate goals. We aim to be the shoulders they stand on during their admirable and difficult journeys.

The companies we build and invest in

We partner with, build, or invest in companies that show strong fundamentals and many years of success. We look for stellar operators who deliver for their clients at the highest level and have done so for years. Next Act gets involved to scale their premium touch to the greater market. Not all operators have the marketing and/or sales prowess needed to grow quickly without compromise. We bridge that gap. We are hands-off and never force synergies. We are here to help our operators do more of what they already do best.

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